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  PHP / Web programmer
  Junior Interactive Designer

PHP / Web programmer

Core Skills:

  • extensive experience building web applications with PHP
  • DHTML, HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • MySQL administration and development

Bonus Skills:

  • experience with CVS or Subversion source control
  • Java programming
  • working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash (including ActionScript)
  • general network administration, DNS, email and shell scripting
  • freeBSD or Linux system administration.


  • minimum of one year experience in software development.
  • ability to perform software debugging and open source software compilation and installation.
  • must have excellent communication skills. (must play well with others)
  • ability to structure time flexibly across many projects.

Application Process:

Candidate should submit resume, citing examples of sample work. Please include, with your samples, a description of the role you played in developing the sample media.

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